Join our research group!

The Ochoa lab is not currently recruiting. Below info provided just for past/future reference.

We recruit Master’s and PhD students from a number of programs at Duke, including:

Undergrads interested in research are also welcome! We are part Duke’s StatGen Center, a collaborative environment located at the Fitzpatrick Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering, Medicine and Applied Sciences (CIEMAS). We are also affiliated with the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS).

Work in the lab includes development of new theoretical models in statistical population genetics, analysis on real and simulated genetic data, and writing software packages for the scientific community. We are particularly looking for individuals with strong math/stats and programming skills, and interest in understanding the connection between genetics and disease in humans.

  • Postdocs: There are currently no open positions. Contact me by email for inquiries.
  • Duke Students: Contact me by email. To better serve you, I’d prefer that you include your CV/résumé and an brief (one-paragraph) statement describing your research interests.